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NextEra Energy Corporate Governance: Political Engagement Policy

NextEra Energy, Inc. (“NextEra Energy” or the “Company”) engages in the political process because it believes that good government policy benefits its customers, its employees, its shareholders and its other stakeholders. Policy decisions at every level of government can impact the Company’s ability to deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy to its customers. Policy decisions can also impact the Company’s ability to invest in energy infrastructure that strengthens the entire electric grid. NextEra Energy has been one of the largest investors of capital in any U.S. industry over the last several years, and believes it has a responsibility to share its perspective with policymakers and to participate as an industry leader in discussions regarding the future of electric power and clean energy.

The Company has established rigorous oversight processes to ensure that its political engagement is lawful, properly disclosed and aligned with its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”). The Code applies to all officers, employees and contractors at NextEra Energy, including those at its principal subsidiaries Florida Power & Light Company (“FPL”) and NextEra Energy Resources, LLC (“Energy Resources”), as well as all other individuals who act on behalf of one or more of the Company’s businesses. NextEra Energy believes that its political engagement policy is an example of good corporate governance, which is a competitive advantage in its industry. The Company also aligns this policy with its three corporate values: we are committed to excellence, we do the right thing and we treat people with respect.

NextEra Energy’s political engagement policy begins with clear expectations for its employees. As described in the Code, employees are allowed – and even encouraged – to volunteer their personal time and money to support political candidates and campaigns as they see fit and as allowed by law. However, such personal political activity may not occur on company time, at company expense or on company property. Employees should not pressure their fellow employees to participate in volunteer political activity nor use any company time or resources for political solicitation. The Code also prohibits NextEra Energy employees from engaging in lobbying activities on behalf of the Company without prior authorization. As lobbying activities are defined by law and typically require some form of public disclosure, which is subject to change, employees are required to obtain prior approval for any such activities as described below.

NextEra Energy's political engagement occurs in many different jurisdictions. Therefore, the Company has established rigorous oversight processes to ensure clear accountability for all political engagement and for associated public disclosure requirements based on the jurisdiction governing each activity. Those accountabilities are as follows:

Jurisdiction of political engagement

Accountable officer

U.S. federal government

Vice President, Governmental Affairs-Federal

State of Florida

Vice President, State Legislative Affairs, FPL

Local governments in Florida

Vice President, Development and External Affairs, FPL

State and local governments outside Florida

Vice President, Regulatory and Political Affairs, Energy Resources

Canada and other foreign countries

Vice President and General Counsel, Energy Resources

NextEra Energy officers with accountability for political engagement report to senior management of the Company, which includes the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NextEra Energy. Senior management provides oversight of the Company’s political engagement activities and ensures they are in alignment with the Company’s business goals. Political engagement activities and policies are also reviewed periodically by legal counsel both inside and outside the Company.

NextEra Energy Corporate Political Contributions

NextEra Energy contributes directly to political candidates and campaigns in some jurisdictions where it is permissible by law. The Company does not contribute directly where it is prohibited by law, such as in U.S. federal elections. NextEra Energy corporate political contributions must be approved by the officer accountable for the Company’s political engagement in a given jurisdiction, as set forth above. Final authority over the Company’s political contribution decisions rests with the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NextEra Energy.

NextEra Energy sets high ethical standards when making corporate political contribution decisions. No contributions are made in return for, or in anticipation of, any official act. All contributions are made on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the Company, its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Political contribution decisions are not made based on the private political preferences of any employee, officer or director. NextEra Energy makes each political contribution with the expectation that it is in full compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the law of the applicable jurisdiction.

NextEra Energy PAC

The NextEra Energy, Inc. Political Action Committee (“NextEra Energy PAC” or “PAC”) is an employee-run political action committee that provides opportunities for employees of the Company to have a clear voice in the legislative process. The PAC is dedicated to the promotion of good government, to the expansion of the free enterprise system and to the continued improvement of the energy infrastructure of Florida and the United States.

The NextEra Energy PAC is governed by its board of trustees who, under its bylaws, approve all political contributions from the PAC. The trustees, all of whom are employees of the Company, generally have evaluated potential contributions by considering two criteria. The PAC has frequently supported candidates who have represented, or have sought to represent, regions where the Company has existing assets or development opportunities. In addition, the PAC has supported candidates who had, or sought to have, leadership positions or committee assignments with a particular focus on the energy and electric utility industries.

The NextEra Energy PAC Board of Trustees sets high ethical standards for its political contributions. The PAC’s activities are in full compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.


NextEra Energy maintains a rigorous compliance process to ensure its political activities are lawful, properly disclosed and aligned with the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Periodic disclosure reports dating back to 1999 are available at the following websites:

Revised: March 2017

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