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Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan
The NextEra Energy, Inc. Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan (Plan) offers existing shareholders the opportunity to acquire shares of NextEra Energy, Inc. common stock.

Advantages of Enrolling in the Plan:
  • Cash dividends on all or some of your shares may be automatically reinvested in NextEra Energy common stock.
  • Optional cash payments of at least $100 and up to a maximum of $25,000 per month can be made to invest in additional shares of NextEra Energy common stock.
  • NextEra Energy may, if it approves your request for waiver, permit optional cash investments in excess of the $25,000 monthly maximum in some months.
  • The Plan permits you to:
    • Make purchases by check or direct debit from your bank account
    • Obtain account information and perform transactions online
    • Receive dividend payments by check or electronically
    • Hold your shares in book-entry form for safekeeping
    • Transfer or sell shares held in your Plan account without a broker
The above are highlights of the Plan. If you would like to learn more about the Plan, please click on the following link: (Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan)

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Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Program
Computershare, NextEra Energy's transfer agent, administers a DSPP and DRIP for the company. View the programs online by going to Computershare's website.
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