The Board of Directors and its Committees

Below is a list of the members of the Board of Directors and the committees on which they serve. For a brief biography of each Director, please click on the individual's name in the chart.

C = Chairperson
M = Member

Director Audit Compensation Executive



Sherry S. Barrat M M C  
James L. Camaren     M M  
Kenneth B. Dunn     M M  
Naren Gursahaney M       M  
Kirk S. Hachigian   C M M    
Toni Jennings M       M
Amy B. Lane M M    
James L. Robo   C    
Rudy E. Schupp M M  
John L. Skolds M       C
William H. Swanson C   M M    
Hansel E. Tookes, II M M C